A bug screen is not a luxury item in Arizona at any time of year – it is a necessity to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Every home needs window screens and door screens and here at ABC Glass Co. we provide custom, top quality, screens. Our company has been serving Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding valley since 1973 and during that time we have built up a reputation for the high quality of all our products and the polite and courteous manner in which we treat all our customers. We provide screens, many of which are custom made by us, for both commercial and residential customers. Our technicians will install the screens at your home or business premises, and replace or repair them if necessary.

The screens come in either black or charcoal, and we offer frames that are chrome, clear, black, beige and a number of other colors. Bug screens and sun screens are ideal for pools, patios, and sun-rooms. They deter mosquitoes, bees, hornets and other bugs from coming in and disturbing your relaxing afternoon.

As well as bug screens, we also provide solar shade screens. The shades are energy efficient and eco-friendly, and one of the benefits is that you can lower the shade without losing your view – they provide excellent visibility away from the window.

If a screen rips or wears out, or is damaged during a break-in or by a monsoon, we can repair or replace them. We ask the customer to bring the screen in for repair if possible, but we can make a house call if not.

Door screens and window screens are vital in Arizona so make sure you come to ABC Glass Co. for all your needs – we can be contacted at (602) 971-3440.

ABC Glass Company in Phoenix creates and repairs custom screens for your windows.
ABC Glass Company in Phoenix creates and repairs custom screens for your windows.

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